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Mechanic Game Scrap Description

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Scrap the Mechanic is an addicting android game where you will create a variety of simulator Scrap vehicles Mechanic . In this game you have to apply all your engineering and creative skills, using various details, build fantastic mechanisms and devices In Scrap The Mechanic You Create and building various cars, spaceships, submarines, planes, industrial buildings and military constructions, laboriously measuring each scrap millimeter of your future creation and carefully thinking game over functions Mechanic And machine Together with friends And Scrap The Mechanic has thrown you in the strange world of the game Scrap of Mechanic which belongs to the professional mechanics assembling various cars and buildings from the scrap scattered on all continent Did you dreame about creating Scrap And Mechanic things of your own car service, to have your building garage, car factory and to repair cars? The Scrap of Mechanic game gives you an opportunity to be a car builder, to create your own Mechanic Scrap transport with a powerful scrap engine v8 or other racing cars. You can build even a car factory. Scrapy Mechanic is an engineering simulator with an open world in which you can build your cars and vehicles In Scrap Mechanic

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Current Version2
Requires AndroidAndroid 3.0+
Offered ByScrap Building Mechanic Machine
Updated12 Feb 2018