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ARLOON Solar System lets you delve into the amazing world of astronomy in the most educational way imaginable. Do you want to discover what there is in the universe? Discover the celestial bodies that make up our planetary system as if they were at your fingertips. With this application, understanding concepts far removed from the student’s environment like eclipses, the Earth’s trajectory, rotations, orbits, etc. is simple and stimulating. It is designed to meet the goals and content of the primary education syllabus and includes a section with exercises for different levels that enable students to practice, check what they’ve learned, and work together in a way suited to individual needs. To do so, the ARLOON Solar System contains the following:- The Solar System: its location in the Milky Way.- Features of the Solar System.- Identifying different celestial bodies: comets, satellites, asteroids and meteors.- The planets in the Solar System: their location relative to the Sun.- The Earth and the Moon: their features, movements and the consequences of these.- The Sun: its importance for life. Working with Solar System develops the skills and abilities of 20th century students. It is designed so as to acquire certain skills: - Scientific: learning the particular terminology of the science of astronomy.- Digital: learning to study with new technologies.- Knowledge and interaction with the physical world: thanks to augmented reality, which enables students to experiment with otherwise unattainable models of our skies.- Learning to learn: experimenting and actively searching for answers with the possibility of learning by oneself.- Linguistics: broadening vocabulary in different languages (Spanish and English).

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