Deep Hearing Secret Voices Recorder PRO


Deep Hearing Secret Voices Recorder PRO Description

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This app attempts to improve your hearing with the power of Android. Depending on how good your phone is, it can become a high-powered listening device (like a hearing aid).NOTE: This is not a surveillance device. It augments your hearing only. Whether you want to listen to nature, have a conversation, or just hear the TV better, this app aims to give you super hearing and improve what you hear. There's more going on around you than you might realize. It's time to hear it. HEADPHONES REQUIRED. Failure to use headphones will result in awful audio feedback. You have been warned!* Features*✔ Control in the volume, pitch, sensitivity, stereo pan, spatial blend 2D/3D...✔ 26 Audio Reverb Zone Effects.✔ 11 Options To Create Your Own Effect.✔ 4 Advanced Audio Filters.✔ 4 Spectrum Shapes.✔ 8 Spectrum Colors.✔ All Options Documentation, No Ads.NOTE ON REVIEWS: Please review the app if you try it. But I know you hate leaving reviews . . . because I hate leaving reviews. So, if you can think of nothing to say . . .just leave a review saying "Rad" if you love it or "Bogus" if you hate it. Or, just say "Eh" if you have no opinion. However, I love full and honest reviews as they really help us . . . but anything is good. Five stars would be awesome. Now, back to what the app does . . . .*Privacy Notice*We do not collect or store any information about the users of this application. Once you download it, it runs on your phone and never communicates with our servers.If you are curious about how we make money, it is from Ads and sales only. We do not collect any information about you.Thank You

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Please note: the application may ask for additional permissions and contain in-app purchases.

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