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Dig up dinosaur bones, build them into interactive 3D skeletons, and even bring your dino bones to life! Your positive feedback keeps more dinosaurs and more content coming! * 18 interactive dinosaur skeletons to dig up * 18 interactive live dinosaurs * Facts and Info about each dinosaur * Many unique animations for each dinosaur and each skeleton * Realistic dinosaur sounds * Beautifully rendered HD scenery and dinosaur detail * Rotate and zoom to see the dinos at any angleInteract with each dinosaur and dino skeleton by tapping on their heads and bodies, and shaking them. Move your finger around to see them at the angle of your choosing, and pinch to zoom in and out. The intuitive interface in this app is very kid friendly and incredibly easy to navigate. It's like having a dinosaur excavation project and a bunch of pet dinosaurs with you at all times! This app is perfect for boys, girls, todders, and little kids alike. Any budding paleontologist who would love to have a good time with a t-rex will enjoy this app. Dig up dinosaur fossils and bones in a Jurassic setting. It's like having your own dinosaur park right in your pocket!Copyright TegTap

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