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Culling fish in the midst of a fishing tournament can get stressful and chaotic at times. Easy Culling makes tournament day go as smooth as a basses belly. Anglers no longer need to depend on whiteboards, culling beams, eyeballing/guessing, ticker devices, and expensive scales!• With the Easy Culling App you’ll know instantly what fish to cull next• Customize the app to your culling tags colors• Know your tournament bag weight before you show up to the scales• Weigh em once and only once. Less time digging in the livewell = healthier fish• Flag sick fish, so that you can keep your eye on their revival• Always know how much time is remaining in the tournament with the time tracker• Automatic saving and more...Not only does the Easy Culling App make tournament day go smoothly— *It also makes you a better angler!! The EC App allows you to keep a running journal with detailed notes on your tournament fishing history. Record the exact date, temperature, weather, as well as the depths, baits, locations that were working and those that were not! Look back through years of your hard earned patterns and pick up right where you left off.• Refer back through years of your tournament records & notes • Recall specific seasonal / lake patterns and locations• House your upcoming tournament schedule in one convenient placeFocus on the fishing— with the Easy Culling App!

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