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Paid version benefit - Day dungeon reward 20% Permanent Increase - Bag increased by 10 spaces - PVP and dungeon ads removed * Reward video ads are included. * You can load your free version data with a Google login. ===== Game Features ===== ▶ Quick and easy gameplay! A simple touch a few times to the leveling hero! ▶ 8 unique heroes! Berserker - Stun monsters in one shot! Knight - Shake the enemy's camp with powerful skill! Crusader - Protect your heroes with a strong shield! Thief - Move quickly to the enemy's back and kill them! Hunter - Kill your enemies with powerful arrows! Wizard - Weak body, but powerful one! Shaman - Turn the tide of the battle with Resurrection skill! Healer - Restore the energy of our wounded heroes! Set up a party to go on a journey! ▶ Are your heroes strong enough? Challenge your dungeon! From easy to hell dungeons! And challenge the Ranker in endless competition PVP! ▶ Automatic play system for people who have no time If you're busy, turn off the game for a while. Our heroes automatically play the game! And automatically picks up the equipment and collects the material! ▶ The friend of the heroes, Pets! - 12 kinds of pets appear in secret forest in hidden dungeon! - Collect the pet pieces from the secret forest and collect your own pets! - Various stats to help heroes! - Only the mounting ability is up! Equipped with passive skill! TIP! It is said that the secret forest is found when it goes up more than 500 Stage in the village.

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