Ragdoll Biker - Ride or Die!

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Ragdoll Biker - Ride or Die! Description

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You are an extreme sports moto bike rider that is never to scared to jump across a large cliff at full speed, even with the risk of breaking every bone in your ragdoll body! - Ragdoll physics - Colorful environments & unique stages - Customize your Rider & Bike - Smooth & addicting physics engine - Tons of speed - Huge jumps & tricks - Deadly crashes This game is easy to pick up all you have to do is tap the left or right side of the screen to drive in the that direction - you can also spin in the air to pull off back flips and other crazy stunts! This is not your average motocross game. Ride in many different stages and tracks: - Back woods - The City - Dead man Cliffs - City Night - Chaos Canyon - Moon New stages & content will be coming out all the time!! Customize your ride: - Edit the way your rider looks - Try different bikes and paint jobs - Swap out your wheels with something fresh Collect cash & R-I-D-E letters in each stage in order unlock cool new features & areas. Prepare to crash, your rider will be thrown off of the bike and becomes a human ragdoll! If you love motor bike games that offer more adventure than racing, if you love speed and going fast, if you love hitting big ramps and catching big air, then you will absolutely love Ride or Die! Explore Ragdoll Biker - Ride or Die now! Any ideas or suggestions for the game are always welcome!

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