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Enjoy the fastest and most complete open sandbox that also has rotation and no adverts :). Create anything with 35+ different materials in an open environment, play around, draw different designs that use the interactions between elements, and watch the result. Or just blow everything up!

If you would like to join the community, to share designs or get the beta versions:

Feel free to get in touch with an email for any reason, I will definitely reply :).

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Lots of physics fun
I've thoroughly enjoyed this little sandbox. It's fun to come up with different ideas and test them out. I've been able to build a distiller that desalinated salt water. I've been trying to get a stable nuclear reator, but that's extremely tricky. I'm entirely fine with paying OMG A WHOLE $1.00 for the extra tools. Happy to kick a bit to the creator, who otherwise gets nothing for their hard work. Keep it up, I want more materials to play with!
One complaint, when you buy the premium tools, you only get them on that one device. I just got a phone and want this game, but the premium tools are only on my sister's tablet. Edit: i just downloaded this game, and the premium tools are unlocked, good job! (Still isn't unlocked on my mom's phone though.)
Amazing app
I love the app, something about it just mesmerised me... Mabie the burning of things... But anyone, I'd recommend to anyone who has a phone with Android 4.0+ (best with games)
Blew my mind
It was really good playing around with the other liquids in the menu type bar thing so I really enjoyed it I hope you make improvements in it

Keep in mind

This is clearly a ripoff of a much better and free PC game. The game in question 'Powder Toy' is also a physics game. The game includes Much more than this one. All materials, Liquids, you name it it's probably there. And all for free! That's right ladies and gentalmen, for Free! It's all free from the site. Not a dollar needs to be put into it. And it has levels made by other people Daily! You can make your own levels, but need to make and account on the site to publish them. It's all Free!!!!!!!!!!!
I HATE this. There's much better ones. This is crap. Utter. Crap
how does this game have over 1 million downloads
this game doesn't even work? such a waste of time and you could find wayyyyyyy better sandbox games
Lamest dumb game
It's all bad you only have 4 elements don't waste your money on this
It doesn't work for me I played for 2 minutes and then erased and then it didn't work I even tried existing the game but it still didn't work so please fix it.
Hate it
If you could rate 0 stars I would

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Offered BySmellyMoo
Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
UpdatedNovember 6, 2016
Installs 1,000,000 - 5,000,000
In-app Products$1.00 per item
Interactive ElementsDigital Purchases
Current Version v89
Content RatingEveryone