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Weatherly Pro contains no adsWeatherly provides beautiful weather forecasts with hourly predictions for the next 7 days for any location on Earth.Get the current and 7 day weather forecasts, including:» Real temperature» Apparent temperature» Rain/snow probability» Cloud cover» Wind speed and direction» Dew point» Air pressure» Humidity» UV Index» Ozone level» Visibility» Sunrise and sunset times» Moon phases» Text summary» Daily lunar phase, including illumination» Severe weather alerts » Location search - save your favourite locations» Dark and light theme» Temperature and precipitation graphs with hourly data for the next 7 days» Chooose your preferred measure units» Choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature scale» Configurable refresh rateBy default, Weatherly will not use your current location, but will be preset to a predefined location. If you would like Weatherly to use your current location for forecasts, this can be activated in Settings. Weatherly does not share your information.Weather contains no ads. If you would like a free version of weatherly, containing only one, unobtrusive ad at the bottom of the screen, with no full screen ads or popups, please download Weatherly (Free)

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