BEAT MP3 Rhythm Game


BEAT MP3 Rhythm Game Description

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BEAT MP3 Rhythm Game

Beat Mp3 is a free rhythm game and is the next-generation auto music analysis game that includes an MP3 file, and other types of music files can be supported. Players can have fun with this great rhythm game with the game’s own music library in their smartphones. Players just need to hit the notes at the right time in achieving the highest score and share their score with their friends and challenge them to a world record.

Beat Mp3 Features

•   This game features an exclusive music analysis system that makes perfect beat timing appears like which songwriters wrote it.

•   Also features a random beat system which creates different types of the game even using the same song.

•   Players can enjoy the game with any loading after 1st precision song analysis.

•   Features a ranking system with global competitors.

•   Features a search function of the song on their smartphones.

•   Features high-quality graphics and effects and the fever mode will turn players immersed in the game. 

The game features different options such as a 9 step speed, long note on/off function, slide note on/off function, beat sound on/off function, linearly adjustment for difficulty, and supports four different languages like English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. 

Beat Mp3 is a game that’s better to play without those charging cables because there are some touchpads can a little bit insensible for some models. 

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