Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas


Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Description

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Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas

Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas, a game that’s a bit identical to the famous GTA San Andreas. In this game, players can deceive police units, double-cross mafias, go for a drive on steep muscle and sports cars, earn cash at different works, promote authority in the eyes of big mafias, and many more. There are several types of weapons, girls, amazing cars, shootings, car pursuits and lots of actions in the first part of the game. 

The main goal here is to become the most wanted guy in the city. The place is set in a place where crime is pretty everywhere, and players will have to hold their gun tightly as they will take part in the wildest mafia groups ever. Reload weapons, step on the gas and prepare for the most colorful action game. 

The game features an open world that brings to life the evil and dark underworld of San Andreas. With a huge and diverse open world, wild characters from every aspect of life and freedom to explore anytime, Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas puts the ruthless world of crime at player’s fingertips. 

Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Features

•   Features HD quality resolution

•   Visually impressive and updated graphics, characters and cars

•   Unlimited hours of gameplay

•   More customization traffic frequency

•   The gameplay is perfectly adapted for touchscreen devices


•   Tons of hurricanes Job

•   Different types of storylines

•   A handful number of jobs available to earn money like a taxi driver, pizza delivery boy, ambulance driver and many more

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