Devilian Description

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Devilian is one of those high-quality 3D hack-and-slash games where players take on an army of demon monsters. At the start of their adventure, players can select from the three types of characters, each having their own unique skills and transformations.

The game controls are common for the genre. Featuring a virtual stick to move characters around on the left and attack button are on the right. Beside the attack, the button is a demoniac transformation button which can turn a character into a powerful killing machine from hell. 

As players advance through the main story of the game, they will cross new weapons that they can unlock the make their hero even stronger. They can unlock new areas on the map to take on stronger foes. Players can also ask for help from a friend’s character whenever task to carry out on particularly difficult missions.


•   Battle in dual Devilian mode for awesome power and skills

•   Launch devastating combo attacks to deal maximum damage


•   Collect and upgrade powerful weapons

•   Progress and improve battle craft


•   Get to experience Tag Match PVP

•   Brawl in furious raids within the game

•   Become the strongest by coordinating with allies in the Co-Op mode

Devilian is a notable action RPG that has a smooth combat system, excellent high-quality graphics, and few ideas that are very exciting. When trying to acquire specific items, it may require actual money.

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