Donkey Quiz: India's Quiz Game


Donkey Quiz: India's Quiz Game Description

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Donkey Quiz: India's Quiz Game

Donkey Quiz is an Indian quiz game that will test player’s trivia skills with their new addictive quiz and exercise their minds with tons of education multiplayer brain game. Octro developed the game. 

In Game Features 

•   Cool Power-Ups – Players can use cool power-ups such as 50-50.

•   Free Multiplayer Game – a free multiplayer quiz game is available where players can challenge their skills against four random players matched by the game itself for competition.

•   Play With Friends – Players can play with any number of friends to come and compete LIVE in a quiz with the player’s interest. Make sure to keep an eye on the timer, as it keeps running.

•   Leaderboard to Check Scores – Players can show their friends how good they are. The game’s online leaderboard will be able to keep track of them and their competitor’s scores and shows achievements. 

•   Earn coins while playing – Bid on favorite category and challenge friends or real-time players around the world for achieving the highest score and titles. The game will also feature different levels of difficulty.

•   Bid on Favorite Categories – Players can test their knowledge of Mythology, Bollywood, Brands, Sports, Ads and explore their minds and brains with the game’s IQ quizzes and many more categories.

•   Live Timer Available to Increase Pace of Answers – Don’t allow time to be a hindrance to any dropdown on the scoreboard. Most importantly, remember to be a smart player.

 Donkey Quiz: India's Quiz Game sets any players to spirit up with a lot of exciting and innovative categories with their education and interesting questions within every category. 

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