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King's Empire Description

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King's Empire

King’s Empire is one of the hottest and most favorite online strategy games that’s featured in 78 counties and enjoyed by more than 8 million players around the world. This game was developed by Tap4Fun and is free to download. Players can build a powerful fortress on the ruins of the kingdom attacked by the insidious foes. 

Create an unstoppable army and rebuild cities to become the strongest and skillful commander in this Android game. Generate different types of resources needed for the construction of buildings and urban renewal. Players can research new technologies that will help them create new kinds of units and have a much stronger army. Defending the city and capturing new territories are essential. Group up with other players and join in massive-scale battles.

King's Empire Features

•   Players can customize their soldiers of infantry, cavalry, archers, magicians, sorcerers, and many more.

•   Win in the epic PVP wars with strong and powerful allies. Create the ultimate alliance with millions of players around the world and capture kingdoms. 

•   Trade some resources in a real-time auction house. Show off some business talent and use smarts to manage resources.

•   Prepare armies to attack and defend against other players. Make legendary battles and be included in the Hall of Fame.

•   Discover the mysterious dark magic and summon dragon runes and use them to strengthen soldiers.

•   Take full control of many cities, states and villages to get resources and expand territories for glory. King’s Empire also features more options to explore and carve a path to victory. 

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