Makeup Me Superstar


Makeup Me Superstar Description

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Makeup Me Superstar

Makeup Me Superstar is a fashion game for players who love fashion the most. The game offers players different haircuts, beautiful accessories, dazzling cosmetics and styling glasses. Players can even take a photo and sign their name to make it exclusive. 

After choosing the skin color, players can then show off their special talents and taste of fashion little by little. There are three steps to play the game. The first step is to select a stylish haircut and color it in their creative way. Step two is to put on some eyeliner, lipstick, blush, etc. Players can also try to put some tattoos and cute rhinestones. Step three is to select a few chic accessories to make their characters look more attractive. Earrings, hair clips, glasses, and much more are available too.

The Quill Pen located at the bottom right corner can be used to sign the player's name and click Ok to confirm. They can also tap on Contest and submit it to take on the best designs of the week. 

Makeup Me Superstar Features

•   Several cosmetics and accessories to choose from for free

•   A cool eyeshadow makes a face-off to an advantage

•   Challenge best designs per week

Makeup Me Superstar is a free to download and play, other basic items are free to use, but some additional items can be unlocked by using real money.

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