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Olympus Rising Description

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Aside from attacking other human-controlled islands, you will have to keep an eye on your base by putting towers, barricades, and deploying tons of units to stop the enemy at the gates.


As the story goes, Hades and Zeus became too famous in the eyes of other goddesses and Greek gods. The dispute resulted into a fight against the two brothers. Now, with your help, Zeus and Hades set out to bring back Mount Olympus and reclaim the island nations which fell into the hands of the jealous gods and goddesses.

Bringing back Mount Olympus takes the form of a city management game where you will work on building up the region by using your workers and resources to build and upgrade a lot of buildings. You will also need to wait for the timers, or you could pay to expedite the build in order to unlock advanced aspects of the game that will allow you to take on more challenging opponents.

Every player will have their own Mount Olympus Island that they will need to defend against other players. You will simply act as the protector of Olympus, and all other players are the bad guys.

Players can also control the friendly minion spawn rate, summon archers, warriors, and other units as needed. The mana used to summon these units regenerates right away, allowing you to keep the pressure on your enemy’s defenses when the casualties start to pile up. You can even control heroes like Hercules and Prometheus. Both of them have special abilities which you can use to benefit your troops in one way or another. Every loot and experience points gained from each victory will strengthen your hero’s stats.

Tips and Tricks

You Need To Keep On Fighting

Unlike other MMO games, Olympus Rising is more of a battle-centric and is perfect for players who have a lot of time on their hands. You should always be ready to fight and conquer as many islands as you could if you want to move forward in this game. Aside from rewarding you with excellent items and bonuses on every battle you win, it will also serve as a source of tribute.

How To Easily Collect Your Currency

You main forms of currency in the game are gold and ambrosia. You can simply tap the Collect All button to conveniently collect all the gold and ambrosia you’ve earned. As a bonus tip, you can also deploy your hero to one of your conquered islands to have them stand on guard. Remember that guarded islands will earn you more resources than unguarded ones. Just tap your map, and you can start from there. This tip can be very useful is you need gold and ambrosia.

Always Use Many Melee Fighters As Possible

Always remember that you should always maximize the number of melee fighters that you will bring along. A good start would be just 2 archers, and then double the number of your melee troops. Delay your attack long enough, and always make sure that you’re close to the starting point since it will allow you to summon your troops faster. You don’t want to get all your troops getting slaughtered while you’re in the middle because that means that you will be waiting for a while before reinforcements arrive.

Always Attack Based On Your Hero’s Strengths and Weaknesses

As mentioned earlier, all heroes in the game have their own unique strong and weak points. As a general rule, always base your attacking game plan on your hero’s strengths and weaknesses.

Let Current Upgrades Point You Toward Progress

If you’re planning to speed up your progress in the game, just simply go to the Current Upgrades icon and check out what you can build. You can also follow the game’s suggestions and build a new building, or upgrade a current one that you already have. Current upgrades can reward you with new heroes, upgrade your troops, which is necessary in order to protect Mount Olympus. If you see items that have “requires building upgrades,” it simply means that you need to focus on earning more gold and conquering more islands.

Spend Your Gems Wisely

We all know that gems are a premium form of currency since they are harder to come by compared to gold and ambrosia. So better spend your gems wisely. One way to spend gems wisely is to spend the ones that you have earned for free on quests only. You shouldn’t spend them on expediting a building’s construction or upgrade. Always be patient and don’t spend your gems just because you are in a hurry.

Keep Sending Troops To Destroy Enemy Units and Towers Faster

Remember that if you keep deploying more troops on your enemy’s island, the better they will be at dealing with a huge number of enemy units. When your troops are fighting enemy units, always keep an eye on your troop buttons located at the bottom-left corner of your screen. When the button becomes active, tap it right away to call your units.

The current lot will keep fighting, and additional troops will arrive making your army much stronger. Sending more and more melee and long-range units will be a great help to your hero since it will allow them to focus on targeting towers and strong enemies.

How to Properly Use Your Ambrosia When Managing Your Heroes

Ambrosia is another form of currency that is also harder to come by compared to gold. If ever you have enough of it, you should go to battle so that you can move forward and make some progress.

It’s also best to have one her per group of islands. You’ll be spending more ambrosia for longer distances traveled from one island to another. But if ever you got a hero close to the islands, you can keep your ambrosia usage at a minimum. Also, start with your weakest hero in the first group when assigning heroes to cover island groups.

Collect Your Daily Chests Everyday

It is very important to collect daily chests for you to get better gears and games and all the important stuff that is need required in the game. You can also watch video ads so you can get some free chests with great rewards.

Equip Your Heroes With Better Gear

Your hero plays a very significant role in a battle. You will need your hero to destroy towers, a huge number of enemies and gates faster. So you will need to equip your hero with stronger armor, weapon, and gloves to increase his ATK, Health, Speed and other key stats. Before you conquer any island, tap first the Equip button to see what items can be equipped to your hero.

In addition, don’t just equip any item or a weapon. Always choose a weapon, armor, cape or any other item that comes with stat numbers in color green. Green numbers always indicate that the item is stronger than your existing equipped item. You can check out the stats at the top-left corner of the card.

You can also acquire items that can be equipped from loot chests that you receive at the end of every battle. Just keep destroying towers, eliminating enemies and destroy the enemy gate before the timer runs out to get keys. You can use the keys to open battle chests, and you could receive a free common, uncommon rare or epic item.

How To Have The Best Defense

You would want your defenses to be as strong as possible. So when it comes to setting up your towers, always place them in the first third of the road, with this based on the starting point of the attackers. This tactic should buy you some time and allows you to build some separation between each batch of troops being deployed by your opponent.

Next up is to build barriers at the start of the loop, the put some more towers on the opposite side of the road. I would suggest two towers per loop and barrier set up. Doing this would stop the enemy archers from attacking your towers, and your towers will take care of them, while melee troops will be drawn toward the barriers, as they try to destroy it.

Join or Create A New Alliance

It is necessary that you join an alliance since it will allow you to reap the benefits of a multiplayer mode. Joining an alliance allows you to share resources and help your allies in battle. It also unlocks additional quests for you. It’s significant that you make sure you are joining an active alliance for obvious reasons.

On the other hand, you can also create your own, though it might cost you some gems, which are the game’s premium currency.

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