San Andreas Crime City


San Andreas Crime City Description

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San Andreas Crime City

San Andreas Crime City is in chaos and players will have to clean up the once beautiful and clean city again with everything they can in this entertaining game. In this game, players will adopt the role as a military policeman. To stop criminals, players need to complete tons of missions and need to purchase houses of criminals in order to clean San Andreas again.

When driving around in San Andreas, there is a mini-map available to check for a mission or use quick buttons to start a mission immediately. All missions can be started right away except for one mission type not because of a requirement of owning a car. Players will be able to unlock various kinds of police vehicles from different countries like Spain, Russia, Germany, USA, and a unique army vehicle.

Players can also choose to plant bombs and detonate them, eliminate all criminals, retrieve stolen cars, and gather documents that contain intel about those furious criminals. 

San Andreas Crime City Features

•   Purchase an extra armor or health to survive difficult missions

•   Improving character during the game

•   Be able to unlock special events

•   Several different missions available such as retrieving stolen cars, collect and drive, capture furious criminals and many more

•   Take the role of a military policeman

San Andreas Crime City is a fun open world mobile game. Players can upgrade their military policeman to improve shooting accuracy, increase health, and many more. 

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