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Summoners War: Sky Arena is a free-to-play app for iOS and Android platforms where players can collect monsters and enter RPG combat set in a beautifully crafted 3D world. The game is unique compared to other monster-collecting mobile games since every monster in Summoners War boast different skills and properties that allow you to take on various combat roles, such as support role, tank role, attack role, and combination roles with further customization that evolves from the game’s rune system.

You can actively view and participate in combat and your monsters can fight real-time and can be ordered to attack enemies with skills, giving the game an interactive and strategic element that other mobile RPGs doesn’t have.

Summoners War Key Features

Monster Collection – you can collect tons of monsters for you to upgrade and evolve that suits your playstyle.

Sky Island Headquarters – you can build your own hub from the ground up.

Turn-Based RPG Combat – the game is Final-Fantasy inspired RPG battles with impressive abilities and critical effects.

Advice Forums- you can read great tips and comments from other players all over the world. You can see this on the individual monster pages via game’s built-in comment system.

PvP and 1P Modes – you can compete against other players, or you can play solo.


Summoners War: Sky Arena is somewhat like Brave Frontier, where you will act as the summoner who has the capability to call forth monsters to accomplish their bidding. There is also a minimal amount of energy that is available for each day, arena battles, PvP options, new equipment to acquire, and fusion for you to power up the minions that you have collected.

Tips and Tricks

You Need to Farm

Doing quests alone will not improve your stats, you will also need to farm. Farming is one of the best ways for you to gain resources and XP bonus for you to level up, but it can be very tedious.

But if you know their locations, and what kind monsters and their difficulty level are best for farming, then there will be no problem for you accumulating great amounts of XPs and resources. Just don’t forget to do your Daily Missions to get that extra XP, mana and crystal rewards.

Keep in mind that farming means that you repeatedly grind a particular area of the map or dungeon for you to gain XP bonus or for you to collect resources that you will need. In this game, common resources that you could farm are XP, mana, runes, and monsters. The best technique to farm is to go solo. But you can bring some monsters that you want to level up.

Popular Farming Grounds

Maps such as Hydeni Ruins, Faimo Volcano, Tamor Desert, Aiden Forest, and Mt. White Ragon are the famous farming grounds that a lot of player farm frequently. There will be three modes like Normal, Hard, and Hell in these stages and you will be allowed to bring up to four monsters to use.

Here are the energies that are needed and rune drops for each mode:

Normal will require 3 to 4 (stage 7) energy and may drop 1 and 2-star runes

Hard will require 4 to 5 (stage 7) energy and may drop 2 and 3-star runes

Hell will require 5 to 6 (stage 7) energy and may drop 3 and 4-star runes

Participate in Arena Battles

You need to participate in arena battles for you to rise through the ranks and you could even win more exciting rewards. The arena battle information usually resets on a weekly basis. For a minimum of 1100 points, you can earn as much as 30 crystals.

You also need to assign the best monsters you have to defend you in the arena. Keep in mind that you will face much stronger enemies if your arena standing gets higher. So be ready anytime.

The Battle Areas

One very helpful tip is for you to sweep the battle areas by difficulty level. By doing this, it will help you gain experience and will help you prepare for fights of higher difficulty. It will also let you save energy by not spending on battles that you think you don’t have a chance of winning. The rewards may look tempting, but it won’t make any sense if you engage in it and you won’t succeed anyway.

Your Monsters

Make your team stronger and different by complementing monsters that you have on your rosters. It’s always safe to have one of each monster element on your team. But this could go both ways for you. If ever you will be facing a one-element-team, the chances are, the elemental monster on your team will take all the beating. Always make sure to have a healer on your team or the one that has an immunity skill that applies to him or herself. Or better yet, the one that could defend your whole team.

You Need To Work Your Way Through The Dungeons

Fighting at the dungeons is a good training ground for you. In fact, it’s a perfect hunting ground for you to get neat stuff. Dungeons usually reward players with a multitude of inaccessible items. For new players, you can get evolving materials for your monsters at the dungeons. It’s also the perfect area for farming runes, crystals, scrolls, and even summoning stones.

Trial Of Ascension

You also need to take advantage of the Trial of Ascension. Fight as much as you can. Every level of the Trial of Ascension will drop a Summoning Stone every 5th and 10th level.

By the way, it will reward you with awesome items such as Mystical Scrolls, Crystals, Evolved and Max level Rainbowmons. The nice part of Trial of Ascension is the Summoning Stones. Every 50 pieces of the Summoning Stones will give you a chance to summon a Nat3 to Nat5 from a pre-selected set of monsters.

Remember Which Monster Attributes Are Strong and Weak Against One Another

Each monster has one particular element. You should be familiar which elemental properties are strong and weak against its contemporaries. The elemental properties are Fire, Water, Wind, Light, and Dark. Remember that Water is strong against Fire, Fire is stronger than Wind, Wind is strong against Water, and Light/Darkness are weak against each other.

Remember To Attack Only One Enemy At A Time

Make sure to focus on your attacks on one monster on the field at a time. Don’t let your party of monsters space out their attacks during your turn. Have your monsters attack the same monster during their turn. For me, this technique will give you an advantage since you’ll be knocking down your enemies one by one and give them just a small chance of making a comeback.

Every Boss Fight Will Require You To Bring Out Your Best Monsters and Tactics

Every boss character will certainly give you the hardest challenges in the entire game. Remember the boss monster’s elemental association, and you need to build up a party of monsters that is equipped with an elemental type that’s stronger against the boss. You can bring your online friend’s leader monster with you and use your most powerful abilities to defeat these tough creatures. Make use of your monster’s special abilities at the start of the battle as well.

Use Angelmon and Devilmon To Its Fullest Potential

Angelmon and Devilmon are known as material-type monsters. You can get Devilmons through the Devilmon Cave and Glory Shop, while Angelmons can be found within the Angel Garden and elemental dungeons. Devilmons have the capability to increase or boost the attributes of any monster, while Angelmon can give your monsters tons of EXP everytime they are used as a material.

Make it also a habit to use certain elemental Angelmon with monsters of the similar type. Take note that a Rainbow Angelmon should work well with any kind of elemental monster in your party.

Finish The Kabir Ruins ASAP For You To Move on To The Tougher Cairos Dungeon

If you’re already strong enough, finish everything that lives within the Kabir Ruins. After completing that certain section of the game, that’s the time that the Cairos Dungeon will be unlocked. Entering the Cairos Dungeon is very challenging, but it will give you the best items in the game in exchange. These items will include essences for monster awakening, rare runes and other types of goodies.

Construct the Types of Environmental Locales That Gives Your Monsters Extra Experience

Using these three locations to expand your land will assure that your monsters will receive EXP bonuses. These locations are Gusty Cliffs, Tranquil Forest, and Crystal Lake. You are allowed to place four monsters within the Tranquil Forest, and they will receive 100 EXP points for every hour that passes. As for the Gusty Cliffs and Crystal Lake, expect your monsters to receive 150 EXP points every hour.

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