Super Slam - POGS Battle


Super Slam - POGS Battle Description

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Super Slam - POGS Battle

Are you ready to slam, flip and collect the rare POGS? You can win shiny coins to purchase premium packs and unlock some amazingly unique slammers. In this game, you will need to make accurate and powerful hits at a stack caps with a bat to turn them over and earn coins. 

Increase your collection of caps. You can demonstrate the power of your hits to everybody in this fun android game. You just need to swipe the screen to determine the trajectory and force of the bat hit. Try to turn over all caps to get an impressive win. 

You can also purchase different types of bats with unique parameters and different sets of rare caps. Participate in 1x1 duels with your friends or with other players around the world.

You can battle with your friends in the retro two player competitions, too. Just flip to win your friends POGS and get free slams to keep the action going. 

Super Slam - POGS Battle Features

•   Features a bright and colorful graphics

•   Comes with different types of bats

•   Easy system of controls

•   Vast cap collection available 

•   Battle against your friends or other players around the world

You can battle with friends, win their POGS in real-time PvP. Collect and complete full sets in your POGS collection to unlock new and powerful slammers. You can also win new contents and pro challenges in the battle lobby. Joining more battles means more rewards to collect. 

Super Slam - POGS Battle is one slamming addiction game that anyone can play anytime and anywhere they like.

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