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The Sims FreePlay is a well-known strategic life simulation game created by EA Mobile and FireMonkey Studios. The game is free-to-play for mobile devices and made its debut worldwide on December 15, 2011, for iOS, July 31, 2013, for BlackBerry 10, February 15, 2012, for Android, and September 12, 2013, for Windows Phone 8.

The Sims FreePlay allows players to build houses, manage or control the virtual people called Sims in order to fulfill their wants and wishes, and let the virtual people complete various tasks in order to acquire Simoleons, Lifestyle Points, XP, and Social Points. In addition, the game operates real-time and takes real time to finish each action. These actions will require instructions by players, not like in the bot version, where the Sims will have some degree of autonomy.

Players can create up to 34 Sims and can progress through 55 different levels in order to unlock contents. Take note that only married Sims can have children and there will be a limit on the number of allowable couples because on the limit on the virtual people in the player’s town. But if a player purchases some items through the online store, they will have a VIP badge that will let increase their number of Sims that they can have in their place or town.

The Sims FreePlay also has some main quests and discovery quests to complete. Players need to complete the regular quests since they are required while discovery quests are just optional.

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