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Tina & Melody Monster Hunters Description

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Published by Obsessive Science Games, Tina & Melody Monster Hunters is defined by its creators as a couch co-op, dungeon crawling, and twin-stick shooter.

The game is a tough top-down 3D shooter game having a total of 50 levels. You can join up with a buddy and play the "couch co-op" mode which is an innovative idea which includes two players using a single device.

Each player controls their character via "twin sticks" from one end of the phone or tablet. One stick controls your movement, the other controls your weapon. The controls are very responsive, but you do feel as though you’re ‘floating’ around the maps.

The visuals are basic, but for this type of title, they get the job done. The textures are of a high-quality with the overall look and feel of the game comparable to the old Wolfenstein games.

The game is played out from a birds-eye-view, and you will control Tina or Melody and make your way through an army of enemies with laser bazookas.

Throughout the levels, there are different types of power-ups which give you limited special abilities as well as chests of gold to increase your score. It’s not a game with huge production values, but Tina & Melody: Monster Hunters offers a fun monster-shooting and a dungeon exploring co-op gaming experience just for you and your friends.

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