Clash of Kings

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Current Version 2.22.2
Content RatingTeen
Offered ByElex Wireless
UpdatedDecember 3, 2016
In-app Products$0.99 - $154.99 per item
Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Installs 50,000,000 - 100,000,000
Interactive ElementsUsers Interact, Digital Purchases

Clash of Kings Description

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Clash of Kings: Last Empire

Clash of Kings: Last Empire is a free-to-play mobile strategy MMO game available on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is developed by ELEX Wireless, a Chinese-based company.

Players will start the game as the commander of an army in the middle of a siege, using the military to take down a castle wall, capture it and claim it as their own base of command.

After that, players will go through a tutorial that will teach them how to build buildings, upgrade buildings, head into battle, train units, collect resources, and do some research to improve their knowledge.

Clash of Kings Last Empire features gameplay that’s very similar to the famous Game of War, having the ability to equip a set of gear and head into battle. Another element is its robust Alliance system that lets players fight together and faces massive team objectives for legendary rewards. The game also has no relation to Clash of Clans despite having a similar title.

Clash of Kings Features

• Create an Empire – Players can build their city in real-time under the threat of an enemy invasion during night and day.

• Research Trees – Create a college and select from the four research trees to focus on. Players can choose from the City Development, City Defense, Resources, and Military branches.

• Gearing Up a Hero – Equip heroes with a full set of gears and lead them to battle.

• PvP System – Players can scout and attack their neighbors and join in events to gain great rewards and rank up on the game’s leaderboards.

• Join an Alliance – Players can apply to join a guild of players that can help them with the construction time, fighting other alliances, and capturing other player’s bases.

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