MARVEL Future Fight

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Current Version 2.7.0
Content RatingEveryone 10+
Offered ByNetmarble Games
UpdatedDecember 6, 2016
In-app Products$0.99 - $89.99 per item
Requires Android 3.0 and up
Installs 10,000,000 - 50,000,000

MARVEL Future Fight Description

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You can choose from an array of Marvel superheroes and villains to join in the battle against multi-dimensional enemies, that includes the movie’s primary antagonist, Ultron. The game’s combat harkens to brawler-style gameplay, where you can progress through a linear level, defeating enemies as they go, and reaching the final boss where your fighting abilities will be put to the test.

Marvel Future Fight also features a hefty amount of RPG-inspired character customization where you can boost specific skills, level up your characters for higher stats, and upgrade their armor. One unique feature of the game is the party bonuses that are available to all players that will give them stat boosts for specific team compositions, encouraging you to unlock and explore more players to play with.

You can unlock and utilize over thirty Marvel superheroes and villains, and arrange them in teams of three to defeat enemies, brawler-style, in different recognizable levels.

Marvel Future Fight Key Features

Character Customization – this feature will allow you to make your favorite characters strong through character skills, equipment, ranks, and cosmetic skins.

Marvel Universe – you can choose to over thirty playable Marvel character that ranges from popular to more obscure.

Auto-Play Mode – you can turn on the auto-play mode to activate the game’s AI that will allow you to grind areas that you’ve already finished.

Sleek Visuals – this is the crisp and detailed 3D graphics for mobile platforms.

Acton-Packed Brawler Combat – you can defeat enemies with the help of your party and by switching characters at will.

3v3 PvP – you can defeat other players in a three character arena match that will give you great rewards for climbing the ranks.

Blast-Type Characters

The range Blast-type character that you can collect is Iron Man, M.O.D.O.K, War Machine, Vision, Red Skull, Malekith.

Combat Character Types

Combat character heroes that you can choose are as follows – Blade, Hulk, Captain America, Doctor Octopus, Iron Fist, Black Panther, Kingpin, Venom, Bullseye, Luke Cage, Punisher, Iron Man Mark 44 Hulkbuster.

Speedy Character Types

Speedy character types that you can choose are Spider-Man, Black Cat, Green Goblin, Hawkeye, Daredevil, Mockingbird, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Sharon Cater and Elektra.

Universal Character Types

Universal character types will include Ultron, Ghost Rider, Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Bolt, Destroyer, and Angela.

Tips And Tricks

Team Synergy

Going into battle with the right team is always the best way to get battle bonuses. Once you are inside on the My Team screen, you can simply tap on the Team Bonus button and have a look at different team setups that will give you the said bonuses.

You will also have an easier time to decide which hero you will put together since that menu will give you the list teams of characters that you already have on your roster. Teams like Black Widow, Iron Man, and Hawkeye or Falcon, War Machine, and Winter Soldier are the kind of team that you will need to get team bonus stats.

Know Your Character Types

Marvel Future Fight is obviously a pretty good mobile beat’em up game. You will be facing a number of henchman and a lot of familiar bosses along with a select group of three team members. Each of your playable characters is split into Speed, Combat, Blast, and Universal. Your combat characters are up close and personal fighters, speed fighters dish out damage with their super-fast strikes, blast types get in damage with ranged attacks, and universal characters are balanced in all areas.

Don’t forget combat can counter speed, blast counters combat and speed counters blast. Universal-types fighters aren’t that strong or weak against any other type.

Dominate in Battle

When you play, here’s an easy way on how you should proceed when you are in battle. First, tear down all those mobs of enemies using only basic attacks. Once things start to get tough for one of your characters, it’s time to use all of their special skills, and then right away switch your character out for your next chosen character.

You can choose to switch your characters every three to four seconds, so better make sure to use up all their skills before you tag in a different character. It’s better to let that specific character and their skills cooldown while a different character is on the field.

Don’t also forget to switch out your characters after every mission. You can leave them behind from time to time for them to reach the best condition status. Once your character will reach that condition and comes back into action, they can finish missions and receive bonus EXP and gold.

Do Elite Mission To Get Awesome Rewards

After you complete the normal mode version of a mission, you can try the same mission again, but this time it will be in elite mode. In an Elite mode, you will face tougher enemies, so you need to make sure your heroes can handle them. The rewards will be great. If you’re looking to get biometrics for your characters, you can usually find them in the elite mode versions of the mission.

Log In Every Day To Receive Rewards

You can receive bonuses daily if you log into the game everyday. There will also be multiple bonuses for logging in daily, and sometimes you can even score a free hero by logging in several days consecutively. If you have no time to do a mission, just try to open the app and collect your log-in reward. You can even grab a free dimension chest every 24 hours, so don’t forget to get this as well. And if possible, try opening it as soon as you can since it’s on a 24-hour timer and not a regular daily reset. The chest can give you ISO-8, biometrics, and even free heroes.

Where To Find Biometric Location

Biometrics can also be used for ranking up your recruited heroes. You can collect their biometrics and rank them up to improve their overall stats. You will also be able to unlock additional skills if your hero reaches a specific rank.

You can locate your hero’s biometrics by going to Home – Inventory- Biometrics tab. Tap on the hero’s profile with a number on it. You will see two buttons on the item info section that says: Sell and Location.

Simply tap on the second button for you to find out the elite missions that you need to complete to get your hero’s biometrics.

Choose Which Control Is Better: Control Pad or One-Touch

You need to choose the type of control that will fit your play style. If you choose One-Touch, you will be tapping on the screen to move and attack. But with the control pad, you can use your left and right thumb to move and attack your opponents.

I would recommend you to use the on-screen control pad. By this, you will just need to tap the big attack button, and your character will right away choose his target. You need to tap the attack button once again after you kill your enemy. I just keep on tapping the attack button if I am surrounded by many enemies and use skills to kill them at once.

Upgrade Your Heroes Gears

You should not forget that you should always upgrade your hero’s gears since the materials for ranking up gear can easily be acquired by just completing normal missions. You can play a normal mission several times since they are easier to complete than elite missions.

But don’t forget to also play an elite mission for you to receive greater rewards. The best technique is to play and replay normal missions, finish all of them to gather gear materials, and upgrade your heroes to make them more powerful and then play Elite missions.

Upgrade Tips on Hero Gear

You can go to My Team, choose a hero from the list located at the bottom of the screen and tap on Gear. Whatever hero you choose, you will have at least four items to upgrade, and every upgrade will increase your hero’s physical defense, physical attack, attack speed/critical hit, HP, skill cooldown, etc.

Keep in mind that your hero needs to reach the required level before you can upgrade his/her gear. You can freely choose the gear that you wish to upgrade, but it would be better to upgrade the first two gear items – Body Suit and Basic Attack. Upgrading those two will ensure more damage to enemies while you hero will only take less damage when attacked.

Upgrade Your Hero’s Skills

All heroes have a distinctive skill that can do massive damage to your enemies. The area of effect damage is very useful if you are surrounded by many enemies. Make sure to always upgrade your skills after each level or mission.

You can upgrade your hero’s skill by tapping your hero’s profile located on the bottom of the My Team page and tap on Skills. Next, tap on the plus symbol for you to find out how many coins are required for a skill level-up. Upgrade each hero’s unlocked skills and don’t just focus on one skill.

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