Hill Climb Racing 2

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Content RatingEveryone
Offered ByFingersoft
UpdatedDecember 5, 2016
In-app Products$1.99 - $49.99 per item
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Installs 5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Interactive ElementsUsers Interact, Digital Purchases

Hill Climb Racing 2 Description

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Overview of Hill Climb Racing 2

For those of you who haven’t got a clue on Hill Climb Racing, this mobile game’s concept is focused on climbing hills with the use of transport vehicles such as cars. In order for a player to get coins and accumulate points, he or she has to beat his or her previous game record. But, the newest version the Hill Climb Racing 2 is an improved version of the original, with better playing functionality. I might say the biggest change is you get a chance to choose the multiplayer features and race with other players from any part of the globe in real-time.

Graphics and Design

Yes, definitely improved graphics can be seen while playing the Hill Climb Racing 2, especially if you played the old version. Now, the graphics appear lively and real. It gives you the pleasure to play a 3D game with the presence of houses, trees including farm animals grazing in the background. I did find the game controls a lot bigger than the old one. Mechanics of the game are easy to read and understand, making it adaptable to play even for a newbie.


The fact that you can now opt for multiplayer feature, gives every player like me the flexibility to explore more on what this newer version of Hill Climb has to offer. I did find the multiplayer racing very impressive and fun. Although, at first I had to get used to the new racing feature like having to deal with short races with terrain, the whole experience left me wanting for more. For newbie players trying it for the first time, they might find the gameplay difficult, but I reckon it would be a new level of racing experience. This mobile game is downloadable in any mobile or android device. It requires fast internet connection for player to play efficiently for the Cup mode where the real action begins. But, you can still play it offline by choosing the adventure mode. If you are a beginner, this adventure mode will surely improve your gaming skills and help you learn more tricks on how to get more gold coins which will come useful when you need to upgrade or redesign your car or use them to purchase a top performing vehicle. If you want to level up instantly your rank, use real cash to make in-app purchases.

Gaming experience

Based on my personal experience, playing the Hill Climb Racing 2 is indeed a new level of gaming, far better than the old version. If you are a fanatic racer and don’t have the patience or professional racing skills to try the Real Racing 3 or F1 2016 game, this mobile game could be a good alternative to satisfy your interest in car racing. Besides, what’s good about Hill Climb 2 is it can be easily downloaded for free and would only need at least 121 MB to install it and enjoy playing the game. I do recommend it for casual gamers who love to experience racing fast but not that far.

How to play Hill Climb Racing 2 better?

Developed by Fingersoft, Hill Climb Racing 2 is a physics-based arcade driving wherein players will have to take control of an unstable vehicle on hills, bridges and other obstacles in order to win a race or be allowed to travel at a certain level. Below are gaming tips that will help you boost your driving skills and perform better in a real racing battle.

Tip #1 – Avoid at all cost crashing

During your initial play with Hill Climb 2 you will find two modes in the game, the non-stop “Adventure” and the multilayer race “Cups”. For these two modes, your objective is not to crash, meaning don’t let your head hit the ground. For example, in the “Adventure” mode crashing means you lose the entire run, while in the “Cups” race, crashing will result to end of the current race and your racing status will be DNF or (Did Not Finish). You will also be automatically ranked as 4th place in this race and no points generated at this game. Make it your priority when playing this game not to crash before collecting coins or fuel or winning. There is exception to this rule when you managed to cross the finish line. You can crash once you hit the finish line.

Tip #2 – Your opponents are allowed to crash

Just one piece of advice for beginners playing Hill Climb Racing 2, when you are in the “Cups” race mode there are 3 opponents and if any one of them crashed, this should not make you feel confident that you already won the race or they are out of the race. Why? Your opponents are allowed to crash and when they crash it simply slow them down, but they can still catch and continue the game. So, keep a watchful eye for this unexpected event and focused on your driving, meaning “not crashing”.

Tip #3 – Observe general driving practices

Playing the Hill Climb Racing 2 requires you to observe and apply general driving practices such as:

Your pedal and gas brakes are essential for this game. For example, if you slam the left pedal, don’t expect you to stop, instead you will go backwards. Flooring on the gas without letting or braking will lead to popping a wheel and tipping over backwards. In most flat levels, you can win by simply holding the gas and letting up/tapping the brakes if you are starting to tilt back. When you crest hills, just let off the gas.

When adjusting, tap the pedal on the side of your vehicle that is too high. On the other hand, if your front end is too high and you feel tipping backwards, hit the brakes. In the event your vehicle’s back end is rising above your front end try hitting the gas. For fastest adjustments and be in control, lift one finger and hit only one pedal at once.

Tip #4 – Don’t worry too much on your starter jeep

For your starter jeep, don’t worry too much. No need to purchase a new vehicle at this phase. Remember, even if you upgraded your vehicle, you can still be slower. I suggest you save your money to buy later vehicles or upgrade. If you can save it to buy the super jeep because this is faster than the starter jeep, stronger and can even withstand minor crashes.

Tip #5 – Tricks are intended for enjoyable gaming experience

Application of tricks like doing flips or getting air time will give you a giant pop-up celebration mid race, but this has no real effect than being just cool. Of course, you will get some coins for any trick completed, but you will earn more if you keep winning races or leveling your current rank. The best strategy you can try if your goal is win first place is avoid tricks and stay on the course.

Tip #6 – Remain vigilant for free upgrades and chest openings

There are rare occasions where you will see the “Free” on the vehicle upgrade menu. If you were able to tap it first, you will get a chance to watch a video and earn an upgrade level for free instated of paying it with the required coins. If you have multiple vehicles unlocked, expect every unit to have at least one “free” upgrade, so be vigilant on which vehicle you choose in order to get a free upgrade or a freebie option to see locked chests.

Tip #7 – Open chests whenever the opportunity knocks

You are only entitled to keep three chests at a time, so make sure you always have one open slot available for a new chest that you will earn. All you have to do is tap a chest in the “opening”, and this will take a few hours, then, tap a new chest after opening one. Exception to the rules are the blue chest wherein you can automatically earn every 6 hours while the daily red “win 10 races” chest doesn’t take up a chest opening and will open once it has be tapped. Be aware of the given option like open a slotted chest immediately through watching a video, so check often if there is a shortcut available. Besides, opening chests will give you more coins, gems and customizations.

Tip #8 – Don’t worry about fuel in a race mode

As I’ve mentioned the levels in race/Cups mode are only short and you will not run out of fuel. There are occasions where you will have to select which path to take, like one with save fuel while the other option won’t. So, if you already have red signal on fuel, disregard this and don’t worry the fuel path. Remember, in adventure mode fuel is always used and even if you stop moving, you are still using fuel.

There you have it an in-depth game analysis of Hill Climb Racing 2 and how you can play it better. Remember, for you to fully enjoy this game, choose wisely which mode of game to try, Regular adventure or Cup racing mode. If you mood for this day is get more rewards, unlock chests and win races, then, have a go and start playing the Cup mode and make sure you don’t crush.

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